The Corn Islands are two Caribbean islands approximately 50 miles off the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. Once ruled by the British, they are now part of the Autonomous Region of Nicaragua and are largely self-governed. They are still unspoiled by major development and cruise ship-style tourism, and have much to offer the adventurous traveler in the way of sights, accommodations, and natural beauty. The people here (who speak primarily English, as well as Spanish) are warm and friendly, and are genuine in their welcoming and helpful manner.

Little Corn Island, the more pristine and less developed of the two, isn't tarnished by the noise and congestion of cars. This works well here because the dive shop, hotels, restaurants, and beaches are all within easy walking distance of each other.

Besides diving and snorkeling, visitors can also enjoy:

  • Outstanding deep-sea and fly fishing.
  • Hiking along beautiful beaches and natural forest trails.
  • Ocean kayaking
  • Horseback riding
  • Pure Caribbean, a wonderful, relaxed, and unspoiled Caribbean setting where lying in a hammock and enjoying the ocean breeze is a favorite local pastime.

Come and see how the rest of the Caribbean was 30 years ago!

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